The Global Pound Conference is your opportunity to be part of history.

Structured around four interactive sessions, where Core Questions will be voted and discussed on, the event aims to better understand the demand for and supply of Dispute Resolution services. Come listen to and interact with eminent international and local speakers , who will share their perspectives on the future of Dispute Resolution. 

Session Format:

  • Interactive voting using your smartphone/tablet:
    Express your views on a range of vital issues affecting how disputes are resolved.
  • Voting results will be projected instantly, comparing priorities by stakeholder category:
    Panel discussions on the each of the voting results, with questions from participants .


  • You will gain knowledge, ideas and connections in the dispute resolution field to take back to your company, law firm, or institution.
  • Each session will generate valuable and actionable data on what dispute resolution users actually need, and how others stakeholders can help meet those needs. 
  • The first step towards effective change in the industry.

Join in the conversation and make a real impact in helping shape the future of commercial dispute resolution and access to justice by attending this unique event!

Wednesday,  31 May 2017

08:00 - 08:30

Registration, Tea and Coffee

Note: All registrants are requested to have the voting app already loaded and activated on their mobile device prior to taking their seats, and to have filled out their Delegate Information in the app.

08:30 - 08:50

Introduction & Welcome 

  • Mihi whakatau

  • Welcome from the MC Linda Clark & LOC Chair Annabel Shaw

08:50 - 10:45

Session 1: Access to Justice & Dispute Resolution Systems: What do Parties/Users Need & Expect?

  • Reviewing the voting app and technology, explanations and voting on practice questions
  • Voting on the 1st set of 5 core questions
  • Group discussion
  • 1st word cloud
  • Panel discusses results of first set of 5 core questions

Facilitator: Geoff Sharp, Mediator


  • John Swan, General Manager Claims, Vero
  • Katherine Anderson, Director Legal and Risk, Auckland Council
  • Amanda Greenwood, General Counsel, Fletcher Construction
  • Karen Scott-Howman, Chief Executive, New Zealand Bankers Association
  • Greg Arrowsmith, General Manager People and Culture, Whanganui District Council
10:45 - 11:15 MORNING TEA
11:15 - 12:45

Session 2: How is the Market Currently Addressing These Party/User Needs and Expectations? 

  • Voting on 2nd set of 5 core questions
  • Group discussion
  • 2nd word cloud
  • Panellists discuss data on 2nd set of 5 core questions
Facilitator: Anna Quinn, Mediator


  • Paul Hutcheson, Mediator
  • Justice Geoffrey Venning, Chief High Court Judge
  • Liz Fife, Litigation Manager Technical Review and Resolution, Southern Response
  • Andrew Scott-Howman, Barrister, Port Nicholson Chambers
  • Grant Morris, Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington
12:45 - 1:30 LUNCH 
1:30 - 3:00

Session 3: How can Dispute Resolution be Improved? (Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges)

  • Voting on 3rd set of 5 core questions
  • Group discussion
  • 3rd word cloud
  • Panelists discuss data on 3rd set of 5 core questions

Facilitator: Nina Khouri, The University of Auckland


  • Warren Sowerby, Mediator
  • Martin Oettli, General Manager, Real Living Group
  • John Green, Director, New Zealand Dispute Resolution Centre
  • Miriam Dean QC, Barrister, Mediator, Arbitrator
  • Amokura KawharuAssociate Professor, University of Auckland
3:00 - 3:30 AFTERNOON TEA
3:30 - 5:00

Session 4: Promoting Better Access to Justice: What Action Items Should be Considered and by Whom?

  • Voting on 4th set of 5 core questions
  • Group discussion
  • 4th Word Cloud
  • Panelists discuss data on 4th set of 5 core questions

Facilitator: Linda Clark, Kensington Swan


  • Denise Evans, Senior Resolution Practitioner, FairWay Resolution
  • Daniel Kalderimis, Arbitrator, Chapman Tripp
  • Kathryn Beck, President, New Zealand Law Society
  • Ian Macduff, Teaching Fellow, Centre for ICT Law, University of Auckland
  • Caroline Holden, Director, Government Centre for Dispute Resolution
  • Katherine Anderson, Director Legal and Risk, Auckland City
5:00 - 5:30

Speaker: Christopher Luxon, Chief Executive Officer, Air New Zealand


Wrap up 


Cocktail function​